Pauline Woods

In Loving Memory of Pauline Cotton Woods

May the light Sister Woods kept shinning never dim, and her prayers continue to cover those she loved

Forever in Our Hearts

Who hasn’t heard Ms. Pauline burst into song? Or start telling a story of her childhood? She was always willing to go down memory lane. As long as she had her milk duds and something to drink (not alcohol). 

At church she captivated the children in her Sunday school class, as she brought the Bible to life. Even adults stopped to listen and enjoy the lessons. 

But, some of her greatest stories have yet to be told. Here is your chance to tell the world what she meant to you. 

Be kind, Be respectful, Be like Ms. Pauline.

Bonus points for clown stories. 

Clowning Around

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Around Work

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Look Pretty at Church

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4 Responses

  1. Pauline woman loved by God your life beamed with his love. Your laughter was a glimpse of his smiling with us. Your care a glimpse of his care for us. You were a great mom, sister, and friend. Thanks for brining many smiles to so many many people, especially my mom. Paulina thank you for helping and being there for your mom, thank you Pandora, Ray and Daniel for your sacrifices for your mom, it was appreciated. Rest In Peace my sweet friend, Pauline. You ran a good race trying to please God and helping all you could. We’re missing you here on earth, but God wanted you home with him more.

  2. Ms. Pauline was my saving grace while in the desert. Coming out there and knowing no one, she reached out and helped. From watching my son when I worked late to listening when I was going through anything – I can’t find enough ways to tell her thank you. I miss her dearly – our days of sitting and talking about her youth as I did her hair, to us bonding over whatever she or I cooked that day. Moving away didn’t stop our love – to the point I flew back and made it a point to go and surprise her. Thank you for preparing me for life, showing me that love has no boundaries, and teaching me that healing is important. We love you!

  3. I will never forget the day that I met Ms. Pauline, we were both working at McDonalds and this particular morning I was mad at one of the crew members and I was in the back throwing away the breakfast foods that were left over and I had a knife in my hands and I was stabbing the food. Ms. Pauline walks over to me and told me that God loved me and instantly I got scared and clung to her as if He was going to come down and get me. Once we were well acquainted with one another she told me that God told her to tell me “He loved me” and she tells the story of how she went back and forth with God because she said I had that knife and I was just stabbing the food. She said “but God she has a knife, she might stab me”. I was so thankful for her obedience because she won me to the Lord and she has never changed on me no matter what she was always her bubbly self and always loving on others. She will be truly missed, but never forgotten.

  4. Ms. Pauline, was a great story teller. I would hate when I’d miss her story time with the kids at work, because I would have been called to go to another classroom or something. Also, I remember one day we were all at work, and the kids had gone to school. Ms. Pauline had fell out laughing about something, and if you know Ms. Pauline she hollers and her laugh is contagious. We all looked up and ran over to see what happen. She couldn’t stop and she couldn’t talk. Then, we all started laughing, because her laugh is so funny it’s contagious. We were all laughing and screaming, stomach hurting, about to pee on ourselves. One by one, walking away, falling all over each other. Others came from the other room to see what was happening and what did they do, they fell suit with the rest of us…Everyone was so happy for the rest of the day nothing had us down. We’d just look at each other and laugh at how we were acting like little kids. We’d brag to the ones that weren’t there about how much fun we had.

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