Pauline Woods

In Loving Memory of Pauline Cotton Woods

May the light Sister Woods kept shinning never dim, and her prayers continue to cover those she loved

Pauline's History

Pauline Cotton was born on February 18, 1959 as the fifth daughter to Issac and Lizzie Cotton. She grew up in a home filled with laughter, fights and a strong dedication to God. Her father was a bishop at Pentecost Saints Tabernacle and the family travel spreading the world of God through song and word. Lovingly referred to as The Cotton Singers, the eleven siblings grew up to be strong pillars in their communities. 

As a young child, Pauline, found her voice in writing poems, songs, and short stories. She found comfort in writing in a diary, some have survived her passing.

In high school she fell in love with a boy by the name of Ray A. Woods. He was a senior to her sophomore, and yet they found common ground. 

They were married when she was eighteen, before he shipped out to basic training. After graduating high school, Pauline joined Ray in Quantico, Va where their first born Ray A. Woods Jr. was born.  

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They were soon stationed in Twentynine Palms, Ca, a small desert town in the Mojave Desert. Known for its record heat and low population, 29 Palms quickly became Pauline’s home. 

She started attending the local Pentecostal church and met friends who would become life long friends. She also helped remodel the building where the church stands today. From helping make peanut brittle to sell to getting on her hands and knees to scrub floors, Pauline dedicated her life to working for God. 

Pauline and Ray had four children before they split ways in 1992. Every the faithful servant, Pauline continued to serve God at the local church and went on weekly outreaches to the convalescent home and hospitals. 


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